Are your methods humane?

Yes, we only use the best quality traps, which are continually adjusted to ensure they work properly.

I’ve used mole catchers before, but they didn’t catch a mole but still charged me a fee, why are you different?

We only set a fee when we catch, so failure is never a problem for you with this system.

How do you guarantee a mole will not return?

With the no mole, no fee system, we allow one month to be mole-free after clearance. If a mole appears within that month, it will only be charged as an additional mole to the original job. This does occasionally happen when the remaining mole does not create hills immediately. For priced work, or set visits, this may not apply, but will be discussed when the area is surveyed. Please note that moles will sometimes return to old mole runs, but it is very difficult to judge when they may return

Are pets and children safe?

We carry out a full risk assessment, and will use appropriate methods to trap moles.

Are you insured?

Public liability insurance is £5 million.