Amenity Land

Amenity land – why moles are a problem.

Moles create problems for anyone involved in managing public spaces that have areas of grass or formal planted areas. They create a trip hazard on amenity turf with the hills, which are especially dangerous when frozen. Soil and stones displaced in the mole hills cause damage to mowing machinery, and also present an opportunity for unwelcome weeds to get established, costing time for gardeners and maintenance staff.

Once moles have started digging, you need to contact a professional mole catcher. As always, locally sourced services offer the fastest and most cost effective service.

Services we can offer
Once we get your call, we can usually visit within 24hrs. On arrival we carry out a full site survey and risk assessment to make sure our trapping activities remain effective whilst not endangering or inconveniencing anyone. Traps will be set with public safety in mind, and their location noted and the number recorded. The traps must not be disturbed until we visit to check on them. On catching the mole(s) the traps are removed if there is no further evidence of mole activity.

Trapping can be totally covert if required in sensitive areas. Sports pitches can still be used whilst trapping is in progress with no danger to anyone. Full risk assessment and method statement is available on request. We have full insurance to £5 million which can be increased in special circumstances.

We have controlled moles on football, cricket and rugby pitches, parks, churchyards, school grounds, landscaped areas and village greens.