Moles and horses

Moles are not welcome in any equestrian environment primarily for the safety of the horse and owner. Molehills also present an opportunity for unwelcome weeds to get established, taking up valuable grazing space. Once moles have entered your paddock, gallop or school, you need to contact a professional mole catcher who is familiar with horses and livestock as safety in this environment is essential.

What to expect from your mole catcher
Once we get your call, we can usually be with you within 24hrs or sooner if you are local. When we arrive, we check to make sure trapping is going to be safe for your horses and other pets or livestock. We are from a farming family, so we are familiar with livestock. Traps will be set with this safety in mind, and their location marked and the number recorded. The traps must not be disturbed until we visit to check on them. On catching the mole(s) the traps are removed if there is no further evidence of mole activity

We can usually quote by telephone, but sometimes a site visit will be necessary. Our prices are very competitive, so please phone for a better idea of costs.